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Below list is sorted by date and split into two parts: "probably suitable for the first episodes night", followed by "probably not suitable" (sequels, "for kids", "too ecchi" etc.) .
If a title is in the second part but shouldn't be there, please let me know. (sdmarukokun @ [this site])
Disclaimer: I haven't watched the episodes myself and just plucked genre tags from aniDB and ANN, so they could be wrong...

got itseriesstarts atAniDBANNcomments (mostly tags and anidb/ANN genres)
xSora yorimo Tooi Basho/A Place Further Than the Universe01-02AniDBANNadventure
xRamen Daisuki Koizumi-san01-04AniDBANNfood, comedy
xYuru Camp/Laid-Back Camp01-04AniDBANNcomedy
xMicchiri Neko01-04AniDBANN[short 5min], comedy, slice of life
xHataraku Onii-san!/Working Buddies!01-05AniDBcomedy, [short 4min]
xToji no Miko01-05AniDBANNaction, supernatural
xIto Junji - Collection01-05AniDBANNhorror
xDevilman - Crybaby01-05AniDBANNaction, horror, supernatural
xGrancrest Senki01-06AniDBANNfantasy
xSword Dynasty/Jian Wangchao01-06AniDB[short 15min], [CN audio]
xShinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion01-06AniDBANNsci-fi
Pochitto Hatsumei - Pikachin-Kit01-06AniDB[for kids]
xSanrio Danshi01-06AniDBANNschool life
xCitrus01-06AniDBANNdrama, romance, school life, shoujo-ai
xSlow Start01-07AniDBANNcomedy
xPop Team Epic01-07AniDBANNcomedy
xIDOLiSH701-07AniDBANNidols, [ep 1-2 file]
xMitsuboshi Colors01-07AniDBcomedy
xGakuen Babysitters01-07AniDBANN
25-sai no Joshi Kousei01-08AniDBANN[short], cut TV, hentai web version
xRyuuou no Oshigoto!01-08AniDBANNcomedy, romance, shogi
xKarakai Jouzu no Takagi-san01-08AniDBANNcomedy
gdgd Men’s Party/Guda Men01-09AniDBANN[spinoff], [short 10min]
Mameneko01-09AniDBANNslice of life, [short 5min]
xDame x Prince Anime Caravan01-10AniDBANNfantasy, romance
xViolet Evergarden01-11AniDBANNsci-fi
xMarchen Madchen01-11AniDBANNfantasy
xDeath March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku01-11AniDBANNfantasy, romance
xKoi wa Ameagari no You ni01-12AniDBANNromance
xMiira no Kaikata/How to keep a mummy01-12AniDBANNcomedy, supernatural
xTakunomi.01-12AniDBANNcomedy, [short 15min]
xHakumei to Mikochi01-12AniDBANNfantasy, slice of life
xHakyuu - Houshin Engi01-12AniDBANNadventure, fantasy, [remake?]
xHakata Tonkotsu Ramens01-12AniDBANNmystery
xKilling Bites01-13AniDBANNaction
xDarling in the FranXX01-13AniDBANNsci-fi
Nanatsu no Bitoku/The Seven Heavenly Virtues01-27AniDBANN[spinoff], after 1st eps night
Fate/Extra - Last Encore01-28AniDBANN[spinoff], after 1st eps night
xNanatsu no Taizai - Imashime no Fukkatsu01-06AniDBANN[sequel]
xCardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Hen01-07AniDBANN[sequel]
xZoku Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru01-08AniDB[sequel]
xBasilisk - Ouka Ninpouchou01-09AniDBANN[sequel]
xYowamushi Pedal - Glory Line01-09AniDBANN[sequel]
xKaiju Girls 201-09AniDB[sequel], [short]
xOverlord 201-09AniDB[sequel]
xHitori no Shita - The Outcast 201-10AniDB[sequel]
xDagashi Kashi 201-12AniDBANN[sequel]
xGin no Guardian 201-13AniDB[sequel], [short 15min]
Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan 201-17AniDBANN[sequel], after 1st eps night
Hugtto! Precure02-04AniDB[sequel?]/[spinoff?], after 1st eps night
Spiritpact - Yomi no Chigiri02-24AniDB[sequel], after 1st eps night
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