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Anijin planning voor de komende paar weken
2018-04-17 Samurai Champloo 20-22, Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo 08-10
2018-04-18 first episodes night (spring):
2018-04-24 Samurai Champloo 23-26 (end), Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo 11-12
2018-05-01 El Hazard or Mushishi, Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo 13 (end), Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo S2 01-02?

After the listed series we still have El Hazard OVA, Mushishi, maybe Shouwa Genrokyu Rakugo's sequel, maybe SZS last series in the queue and that might fills Anijin's schedule until the end of the schoolyear (June/July) .

Disclaimer: I have no idea when holidays (other than xmas/newyear and summer) and TU/e / Fontys exam weeks are, so I haven't accounted for those in the planning...

For days where too many people can't visit, I'll keep some movies/OVAs in stock so there won't be a gap in their series viewing.

Last modified: 2018-04-16