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Anijin planning voor de komende paar weken
2018-05-01 Mushishi 01-03, Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo 13 (end), Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo S2 01-02
2018-05-08 Mushishi 04-06, Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo S2 03-05
2018-05-15 Mushishi 07-09, Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo S2 06-08
2018-05-22 Mushishi 10-11, Shouwa Genrokyo Rakugo S2 09-12 (end)
2018-05-29 Mushishi 12-14, El Hazard OVA 1-2
2018-06-05 Mushishi 15-17, El Hazard OVA 3-4
2018-06-12 Mushishi 18-20, El Hazard OVA 5-6
2018-06-19 Mushishi 21-23, El Hazard OVA 7 (end), El Hazard OVA2 1
2018-06-26 Mushishi 24-26 (end), EL Hazard OVA2 2-4 (end)

After the listed series we still have Mushishi special, maybe SZS last series in the queue if the above doesn't fills Anijin's schedule until the end of the schoolyear.

Disclaimer: I have no idea when holidays (other than xmas/newyear and summer) and TU/e / Fontys exam weeks are, so I haven't accounted for those in the planning...

For days where too many people can't visit, I'll keep some movies/OVAs in stock so there won't be a gap in their series viewing.

Last modified: 2018-04-29