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comedy action romance sci-fi school life drama fantasy adventure ecchi short episodes sequel
Sore Shikanai Wakenai Deshou
The story centers on a girl who worries too much about the future, and her grandmother who tells her that the future has many possibilities. Through her family, the girl learns a fun way to view the future.
[short 9 min], [for kids]
Tengoku Daimakyou/Heavenly Delusion
Within the safety of the walls, youths are raised in a nursery-style setting by robots. While life there may appear stale on the surface, the children are full of potential and curiosity. In many ways it is like a slice of heaven. The outside world is a hell-scape. It is almost entirely void of anything mechanical and is now inhabited by bizarre, yet powerful super-natural beings. Maru, with the aid of Kiruko, is out there crisscrossing what was once Tokyo for heaven. But after searching for so long, maybe heaven is more of an untenable dream than a potential reality.
adventure, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi
Jigokuraku/Hell's Paradise
Gabimaru the Hollow is one of the most vicious assassins ever to come out of the ninja village of Iwagakure. He’s ruthlessly efficient, but a betrayal results in him being handed a death sentence. He has only one hope—in order to earn his freedom, he must travel to a long-hidden island and recover an elixir that will make the shogun immortal. Failure is not an option. On this island, heaven and hell are just a hair’s breadth away.
action, historical, supernatural
Chibi Godzilla no Gyakushuu/Chibi Godzilla Raids Again

fantasy, slice of life, [short 3min]
Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru/My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999
Recently dumped, Akane is just about to quit the game she used to play with her boyfriend, when she meets Yamada in the same RPG. Yamada in real life turns out to be somewhat of a legend. The only problem is - he is ONLY interested in the game. As Akane’s feelings grow, will Yamada’s focus stay on the game?
romance, comedy, drama
Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu/The Dangers in My Heart
Ichikawa Kyoutarou, a boy barely clinging to the bottom rung of his school’s social ladder, secretly believes he’s the tortured lead in some psychological thriller. He spends his days dreaming up ways to disrupt his classmates’ peaceful lives and pining after Yamada Anna, the class idol. But Kyoutarou’s not nearly the troubled teen he pretends to be...and it turns out Anna’s a bit odd herself!
romance, comedy, slice of life
Tousouchuu - Great Mission/Run For Money - The Great Mission
The anime series is set in the future when humanity migrated to the Moon due to Earth’s climate change. It will incorporate original elements unique to the anime, such as human drama about survival, and will feature a diverse field that blurs countries and eras such as Shibuya, the Edo-period era, and London.
Go! Go! Vehicle Zoo

[short], [for kids]
Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku - Jichou wo Shiranai Kamigami no Shito
The Aristocrat’s Otherworldly Adventure: Serving Gods Who Go Too Far -- Teenager Shiina Kazuya died while saving young girls from an attacker, only to find himself reincarnated into a world of swords and magic. It was a dream come true! Though he remembers his life and knowledge of Earth, he is now Cain von Silford, the third son of an aristocrat. Being granted the protection of the gods on his fifth birthday turned out to be too much of a good thing for Cain. His stats and boosts are so powerful, he must hide his real abilities to climb the ranks of society as he descends into the darkest dungeons.
fantasy, isekai
Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru./My Clueless First Friend
One lonely, gloomy fifth-grade girl is the target of her classmates’ relentless bullying and teasing—that is, until a new kid arrives on the scene. Friendly Takada is as clueless as he is well-meaning, but somehow he possesses the magic ability to start drawing "Grim Reaper" Nishimura out of her shell. As the elementary schoolers experience all the fun of a childhood summer together—from going to the pool to picking sunflowers to watching fireworks—an unusual friendship blossoms!
comedy, school life
My Home Hero

drama, crime
Alice Gear Aegis Expansion
Centuries ago, mankind abandoned planet Earth after the Vice, a race of mechanical aliens, drove them from their home into a life adrift in space. Now resigned to starships forged of pieces of Earth’s shattered moon, the final hope for humanity lies in the hands of Actresses, young women born with the ability to wield the only weapons that can harm the Vice: Alice Gears, mechanical suits that can finally turn the tide against the alien incursion.
action, sci-fi, mecha
The character line’s name is a play on the Japanese word "bosa bosa," which means both dishevelled hair, and to while away the time. The characters are animals who live the way they are. The anime will focus on the everyday life of bunny Sakura, the cat Cassie, and the hamster Ran.
[short 2 min], [for kids]
Isekai de Cheat Skill o Te ni Shita Ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai o mo Musou Suru - Level Up wa Jinsei o Kaeta
I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too -- A mysterious door stands open, inviting a boy who’s been brutally bullied all his life to take a courageous step forward into the unknown. On the other side, he finds a hoard of priceless artifacts and a world as filled with magic as it is with monsters. The most shocking revelation, however, is that he can bring whatever he wants back with him when he returns to Earth. It won’t be long before this double life changes him forever...
isekai, adventure, fantasy, magic
Kizuna no Allele
This is a story about the bonds between girls. Kizuna AI appeared like a comet in the virtual world, becoming massively popular in the blink of an eye. After winning the Lapin d’Or—the highest honor of the Virtual Grid Awards—five years in a row, she disappeared as quickly as she came. Several months have passed since then... ADEN Academy is a school that specializes in training new talent who will make their debut in the virtual world. There, students each with their own hopes and dreams work hard every day. "I wanna be a virtual artist just like AI!" A young girl named Miracle enrolls in ADEN Academy with this conviction in her heart. There, she’ll meet all kinds of people and make wonderful new memories with them as they each pursue their dreams.
Skip to Loafer/Skip and Loafer
Mitsumi is bound for high school in Tokyo! She’s got book smarts, but this small-town girl is about to find out she’s massively unprepared for the social norms of big city high schoolers.
romance, comedy, school life

comedy, slice of life, [short 1min]
Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou/KamiKatsu - Working for God in a Godless World
As heir to a cult leader, Yukito centers his life around the mysterious goddess Mitama. But everything changes after he’s killed during a ritual gone wrong. To his surprise, Yukito is reborn into a world with no concept of god! And in this world, life and death are decided by the Imperial State. As Yukito fights to protect his new village, someone from his past life lends a helping hand.
isekai, fantasy, comedy, ecchi
Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto Desu!/Yuri Is My Job!
Hime is a picture-perfect high school princess—she’s admired by all and never trips up! So when she accidentally injures a café manager named Mai, she’s willing to cover some shifts to keep her facade intact. To Hime’s surprise, the café is themed after a private school where the all-female staff always puts on their best act for their loyal customers. However, under the guidance of the most graceful girl there, Hime can’t help but blush and blunder! Beneath all the frills and laughter, Hime feels tension brewing as she finds out more about her new job and her budding feelings...
comedy, shoujo-ai
--What color is your world? It has been about 10 years since "Perception Art" was born in the art world. Nowadays, it has completely permeated the world and is a colorful part of people’s lives. Yamanashi Kazuya, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Yamanashi, the creators of Perception Art and also famous "artists," has just entered Eisen High School, a prestigious art school, with his childhood friend Tsuzuki Jun, with the dream of becoming a Perception Artist himself. Kazuya had another goal in mind. It is to regain friendship with "another childhood friend" who started avoiding him after "an incident" that occurred 10 years ago... Takise Kyou, whose father is also the creator of Perception Art and a well-known "grader," is a junior grader majoring in Perception Art at Eisei High School. He is a childhood friend of Kazuya and Jun, but has been avoiding them for years. Kyou’s heart had scars that could never be revealed.
sci-fi, school life, arts
Yuusha ga Shinda!/The Legendary Hero Is Dead!
Touka is just your average (slightly perverted) farmer in the village of Cheza. While he daydreams about being a hero and getting the girl, the real hero, Sion, is out battling demons that threaten to invade the world! But one day, Touka accidentally kills the hero...?! With the Legendary Hero dead, who’s going to save the world now?! Touka quickly buries Sion’s body to hide the evidence, but wakes up the next day to discover he is no longer in his own body...!!
fantasy, adventure, comedy, ecchi
Isekai One Turn Kill Nee-san/My One-Hit Kill Sister
Ikusaba Asahi is an ordinary high school boy who is accidentally transported to a magical fantasy world. Asahi is ready to have a good time using his knowledge of games and isekai stories to thrive in this new world, but it turns out that his skills are entirely too weak, especially compared to his doting elder sister, Ikusaba Maya, who arrived in the new world with the most powerful cheat skills imaginable.
isekai, fantasy, comedy
Kawaisugi Crisis/Too Cute Crisis
Invading alien Liza Luna wants nothing more than to destroy planet Earth... after she gets in a little sightseeing, first. But her travels soon take her into a cat café, where the furry felines inside invade her heart just as surely as Liza invaded Earth! Destroying the world won’t be so easy now that she’s discovered the joys of kitty cats...
comedy, sci-fi
Mashle - Magic and Muscles
This is a world of magic. This is a world in which magic is casually used by everyone. In a deep, dark forest in this world of magic, there is a boy who is singlemindedly working out. His name is Mash Burnedead, and he has a secret. He can’t use magic. All he wanted was to live a quiet life with his family, but people suddenly start trying to kill him one day and he somehow finds himself enrolled in Magic School. There, he sets his sights on becoming a “Divine Visionary,” the elite of the elite. Will his ripped muscles work against the best and brightest of the wizarding world? The curtain rises on this off-kilter magical fantasy in which the power of being jacked crushes any spell!
action, comedy, fantasy, school life
Megami no Cafe Terrace/The Cafe Terrace and Its Goddesses
When Hayato’s grandmother passed, he planned to sell her rundown café on the shore—not realizing that it was also home to five young women who call themselves her family?! Their desperation to keep the café open convinces Hayato to give it a shot...but even their best intentions might not be enough to make it work! And can he even work with these five unruly women? No matter what, he’s got his work cut out for him!
comedy, slice of life, romance, ecchi
Rokudou no Onna-tachi/Rokudo's Bad Girls
Rokudou Tousuke is a loser, and everyone knows it. He gets picked on at school, gets snide looks from passersby, and can only muster up the courage to complain in secret with his equally hapless friends. Looking to turn his life around, he desperately uses an ancestral artifact passed down in his family for generations: a scroll that is capable of subduing all demons. However, in the modern age, it has a different effect: it makes all bad girls fall in love with him. ...And then, things go ballistic when he meets the delinquent beast-on-a-girl’s-body Himawari Ranna, who hopelessly falls deep for him.
comedy, romance, harem
Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers
Freedom of expression is threatened when a mysterious group, the SSC, destroy Japan’s otaku culture. However, a young revolutionary, Otaku Hero—who loves the culture more than anything—rises up. With the help of three rambunctious magical girls—Anarchy, Blue, and Pink—they’ll team up to create a world free of this oppressive rule.
action, fantasy, magical girls
Edomae Elf/Otaku Elf
Koganei Koito works as the teenage shrine maiden at the Takamimi Shrine, catering to the whims of its resident: a centuries-old elf who loves video games as much as she hates going outside! Line up your offerings for the otaku elf—some energy drinks, chips and video games will do nicely—and watch her new friends scramble to keep up!
comedy, supernatural
Otonari ni Ginga/A Galaxy Next Door
Ever since their father died, Kuga Ichirou has struggled to support his two younger siblings on nothing but a small inheritance and his passion for drawing manga. But it’s becoming harder to keep up with his growing responsibilities and deadlines, especially after his last two assistants quit to follow their dreams. Just as he’s nearing his breaking point, the beautiful and scarily competent Goshiki Shiori applies to become his new assistant. But there’s something almost otherworldly about Goshiki, and soon Kuga finds his reality turned upside down when she suddenly declares them engaged to marry!
romance, comedy, supernatural
Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu/Summoned to Another World for a Second Time
There was once a hero who was summoned to another world, and he saved that world. However, the man was caught in a "trap" and was forcibly returned to his original world. On top of that, he had to start over as a baby... This is the story of a crazy journey in another world where a former hero who was reincarnated into a slightly gloomy high school student is "resummoned" back to that same world!
isekai, fantasy, harem
Ao no Orchestra/The Blue Orchestra
Aono Hajime was a prodigy violinist until he grew jaded with playing the violin due to personal reasons. Now in his third year of middle school, he struggles to decide his academic path. One day in school, he meets Akine Ritsuko, a hotheaded novice violinist who wants to enroll in a high school with a distinguished orchestra club. When he finds himself getting closer to Ritsuko and being brought back to the world of violinists, time starts moving again for him.
music, drama, school life
Stella of the Theater - World Dai Star
Theater has taken the entire world by storm in the 20th century, and teenager Ootori Kokona aims to take the big stage. Performers who shine the brightest are called Dai Stars, and for Kokona, her first step into stardom is auditioning for the prominent theater troupe—Sirius. As she cultivates her unique sense for the stage, a story of passion and aspiration unfolds in this super-theater age.
Kanojo ga Koushaku-tei ni Itta Riyuu/Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion
Hanasaki Rinko thought she was getting another chance at life when she awoke in the world of a novel. The only problem? Raeliana McMillan, the character she was reborn as, is fated to be killed by her fiancé! For the sake of her survival, she comes up with an idea—get into a fake marriage with a man more powerful than her groom-to-be. But when that protection comes in the form of Noah Wynknight, the duke with a warm smile and cold heart, Raeliana realizes she might be a bit in over her head... She’s going to regret this plan, isn’t she?
isekai, fantasy, romance
Dead Mount Death Play
It’s a showdown for the ages as the legendary hero takes on the corpse god necromancer, but when the dust settles, something isn’t quite right... In the final moments of their epic confrontation, the corpse god’s final gambit shot was wholly unexpected -- reincarnation magic! Across space and time, a boy named Shinoyama Polka awakens feeling...not quite himself...... Who could’ve expected that the climactic battle between good and evil would turn out like this??
(reverse-)isekai?, action, fantasy, supernatural
Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia/Insomniacs After School
Nakami is a studious but cranky and antisocial high schooler who gets on his classmates’ nerves. However, his bad attitude comes from the fact that he has a sleeping disorder, and frequently spends nights on end without a single minute of sleep. During the preparations for the school festival, he is begrudgingly sent to the school’s astronomy observatory to gather cardboard boxes, a place which is said to be haunted by the dire happenings of the now defunct Astronomy Club. He finds the isolated place a haven ripe for him to sleep, but while rummaging around, he stumbles upon his classmate Magari Isaki sleeping inside a toppled-over locker. Isaki, unlike him, is a personable and popular girl at class, but who also hides her own problems with insomnia. Looking for a middle ground, they find that there’s comfort and ease in sleeping together, so they resort to make the observatory their own private cubby to sleep... Have they found the comfort they’re looking for?
school life
The Marginal Service
These public safety workers are here to save planet earth from aliens, one job at a time!
action, sci-fi
Oshi no Ko
Sixteen-year-old Ai Hoshino is a talented and beautiful idol who is adored by her fans. She is the personification of a pure, young maiden. But all that glitters is not gold. Gorou Amemiya is a countryside gynecologist and a big fan of Ai. So when the pregnant idol shows up at his hospital, he is beyond bewildered. Gorou promises her a safe delivery. Little does he know, an encounter with a mysterious figure would result in his untimely death—or so he thought. Opening his eyes in the lap of his beloved idol, Gorou finds that he has been reborn as Aquamarine Hoshino—Ai’s newborn son! With his world turned upside down, Gorou soon learns that the world of showbiz is paved with thorns, where talent does not always beget success. Will he manage to protect Ai’s smile that he loves so much with the help of an eccentric and unexpected ally?
drama, supernatural, reincarnation
Niehime to Kemono no Ou/Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts
The King of the Beasts and Demons regularly receives female human sacrifices to eat in order to assert the dominance of his people over the human race. However, for the 99th sacrifice, the human girl brought to the capital, Sariphi, intrigues the Beast King. In fact she isn’t afraid of him or any other beast and even accepts her death without begging or crying as she has neither home nor family to return to if she were released. The King finds her intriguing and let her stay at his side as his consort despite being human. This is the story of how Sariphi will become the queen of the demons and beasts.
fantasy, romance, [after 1st eps]
Yoru wa Neko to Issho/Nights with a Cat Season 2

[sequel], [short 3min]
Mix - Meisei Story 2nd Season

Edens Zero Season 2

Duel Masters WIN - Duel Wars

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni./In Another World with My Smartphone 2

[sequel], isekai
Tokyo Mew Mew New 2nd Season

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!/Konosuba - An Explosion on this Wonderful World!

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - U149

Mahou Tsukai no Yome/The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 2

Dr. Stone - New World

Tonikaku Kawaii/Tonikawa - Over the Moon for You 2nd Season

Birdie Wing - Golf Girls' Story Season 2

Gunma-chan Season 2

[sequel], [for kids]
Oshiri Tantei (2023)

Kidou Senshi Gundam - Suisei no Majo/Mobile Suit Gundam - The Witch from Mercury Season 2

Kimetsu no Yaiba - Katanakaji no Sato-hen/Demon Slayer - Swordsmith Village Arc

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi - Seiiki Hen/Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Doom of Dragon's Sanctuary

Ousama Ranking - Yuuki no Takarabako/Ranking of Kings - The Treasure Chest of Courage

Pocket Monsters (2023)/Pokemon Horizons - The Series