.hack//AI Busternovel1-2engyesbilly4.6
.hack//Another Birthnovel1-4engyesbilly4.6
.hack//Cellnovel1-2engyes?billy4.6of 2?
.hack//G.U.+manga01-05engnobilly4.6of ??
.hack//Legend of the Twilightmanga1-3engyesbilly4.6
.hack//linkmanga1-3engnobilly4.6of ?
An Invitation from a Crabmanga1engyesbigbox2
Anime! A beginner’s guide to Japanese animationinfo booklet1engyesbilly3b.1by Helen McCarthy
Aniway vol 1magazine01-20, S1(4.5), S2 (8.5), S3 (12.5/Oran Dojin), S4 (16.5/Oran Dojin2)dutyes
Aniway vol 2magazine01-39dutnodrawers1.3
Bubblegum Crisis B-Club Specialdata/artbook1japyesdrawers1.2
Bubblegum Crisis: Megatokyo 2033RPG/data/artbook1engyesdrawers1.2
Bubblegum Crisis: ExRPG/data/artbook1engyesdrawers1.2
Bubblegum Crisis: Before and AfterRPG/data/artbook1engyesdrawers1.2
Clamp Fileartbooklet/infobooklet1, 3, 6jap/engnodrawers1.2#1 Japanese
Cowboy Bebopmanga1-3engyesbilly3b.1
Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Starmanga1-2engyesbilly3b.1
Death Notemanga01-12dutyesbilly4.6
Death Note 13: How to Readmanga/databook1engyesbilly4.6
Death Note Short Storiesmanga1engyesbilly4.6
Death Note: Another Notenovel1engyesbilly4.7
Death Note: L Change the Worldnovel1engyesbilly4.7
Dororomanga1engyesbilly4.7omnibus edition (Osamu Tezuka)
Dream Fossil - The Complete Stories of Satoshi Konmanga1engyesbigbox2
Escaflowne Roman Albumdata/artbook1japyesdrawers1.2
Eureka Sevenmanga1-6engyesbox5
Eureka Seven: Gravity Boys & Lifting Girlmanga1-2engyesbox5
Eureka Sevennovel1-4engyesbigbox2
Evangelion: Angelic Daysmanga1-6engyesbilly4.7
Evangelion: Animanovel1-5engyesbigbox2
Evangelion: Campus Apocalypsemanga1-4engyesbilly4.6
Evangelion: Comic Tributemanga1engyesbilly4.6
Evangelion: Legend of Piko Piko Middle School Studentsmanga1-2engnobilly4.6
Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Detective Diarymanga1-2engyesbilly4.6
Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Projectmanga01-18engyesbilly4.6
Evangelion: Tony Takezaki’s Neon Evangelionmanga1engyesbilly4.6
Fairy Tailmanga01-63engyesbox1, box2
Fairy Tail - 100 Years Questmanga01-14engnobigbox2of 15+
Fairy Tail Blue Mistralmanga1-4engyesbox4
Fairy Tail Fairy Girlsmanga1-4engyesbox4
Fairy Tail Gaiden - Rhodonitemanga1engyesbox4
Fairy Tail Gaiden - Twin Dragons of Saber Toothmanga1engyesbox4
Fairy Tail Gaiden - Lightning Godsmanga1engyesbox4
Fairy Tail Ice Trailmanga1-2engyesbox4
Fairy Tail Smanga1-2engyesbox 4
Fairy Tail Zeromanga1engyesbox2
Fanthologymanga1engyesbilly3b.1Dutch amateur manga anthology
Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua]data/artbook1japyesdrawers1.2guide book for the console version of the VN
FullMetal Alchemistmanga01-27engyesbilly4.7
Fullmetal Alchemistnovel1-5engnobilly4.7of 7? (6-7 not published in English)
FullMetal Alchemist: Profilesdata book1engyesdrawers1.2
Genshikenmanga1-9engyesbox5(omnibus 1-3)
Genshiken Second Seasonmanga1-12engyesbox5(counted as 10-21 in Japan with a 5 year hiatus between 9 and 10)
Genshiken: Return of the Otakunovel1engyesbox5
Genshiken Official Bookdata/artbook1engyesbox5
Gunparade March - Last Dance Gunparademanga1engyesbigbox2anthology of short stories
Higurashi: Demon Exposing Arcmanga1engyesbilly4.6
Higurashi GOUmanga01-02engnobigbox2of ??
Higurashi GOU Comic Anthologymanga1engyesbigbox2
Higurashi Megurimanga01engnobigbox2of ??
Insufficient Directionmanga1engyesbilly4.5comedy - Hideaki Anno’s wife
Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadowsnovel1eng-billy3b.2hardcover, vol 1 of 7
Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Windnovel1eng-billy3b.2hardcover, vol 2 of 7
Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms: The Vast Spread of the Seasnovel1eng-billy3b.2hardcover, vol 3 of 7
Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawnnovel1eng-billy3b.2hardcover, vol 4 of 7, one chapter missing?
Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawnnovel1eng-billy3b.2softcover, vol 4 of 7, all chapters
Kujibiki Unbalancemanga1-2engyesbox5
Log Horizonmanga1engyes?billy4.6stalled indefinately?
Log Horizonnovel01-11engno?bigbox1of 11+
Log Horizon: The West Wind Brigademanga01-11engyesbilly4.7
Macross Perfect Memorydata/artbook1japyesdrawers1.2
Macross Variable Fighter Designers Notedata/artbook1japyesdrawers1.2
Megatokyowebcomic1-6engnobilly4.6of ?
Mobile Suit Gundam 00manga1engnodvdstor1.1(vol 1 included with Gundam 00 anime set 1), not collecting it
Mobile Suit Gundam 00Fmanga1-4engnobilly3b.1of ? (vol 1 included with Gundam 00 anime set 1)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destinymanga1engyes(?)billy3b.1
Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole du Cielmanga1-9engnobilly4.7of 11+
Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chroniclesmanga1-2engyesbilly4.7
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astraymanga1-3engyesbilly3b.2
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray Rmanga1-4engyesbilly3b.2
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray Xmanga1-2engyesbilly3b.2
Mobile Suit Gundam technical manual: Gundam 0083data/artbooklet1engyesbilly4.7
Mobile Suit Gundam technical manual: Char’s Counter Attackdata/artbooklet1engyesbilly4.7
Mobile Suit Gundam technical manual: The 08th MS Teamdata/artbooklet1engyesbilly4.7
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Last Outpostmanga1-3engyesbilly2.7
Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderboltmanga01-21engnobox4of 23+
Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontationnovel1engyesbilly4.7
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Originmanga1-12engyesbox1hardcover
Moyashimonmanga1-2engnobilly4.6of ?
Newtype Filmbook: Evangelionartbooklet4jap-billy3b.1
Onward Towards Our Noble Deathsmanga1engyesbigbox2
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knightmanga1-6engyesbilly4.7flipped
Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit’s Talemanga1-2engyesbilly4.7flipped
Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witchmanga1-3engyesbilly4.7flipped
Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witchnovel1engyesbilly4.7hardcover
Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharismanga1-2engyesbilly4.7flipped
Record of Lodoss War: Welcome to Lodoss Island!manga1-2engnobilly4.7flipped, vol 3 never released in English :(
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Senseimanga01-14engnobilly4.7of 19+
Seikai no Monshou/Crest of the Starsnovel1-3engyesbilly4.7
Seikai Trilogymanga1-3engyesbilly4.7
Slayersnovel01-08engno(?)billy3b.2no further than 08 in English?
Slayers: Collector’s Editionnovel01-12engnobigbox23 volume hardcover omnibusses
Slayers: Medieval Mayhemmanga1engyesbilly3b.2flipped
Slayers Premiummanga1engyesbilly3b.2
Slayers Specialmanga1-4engyesbilly3b.21 and 2 flipped, "Touch of Evil", "Notorious", "Lesser of Two Evils", "Spellbound"
Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Storymanga1-7engno/yesbilly3b.21-3 flipped, vol. 8 never released in English, "Return" = vol 4, "City of Lost Souls" = vol 5
Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoningmanga01-15engyesbilly3b.1
The Anime Companion 2encyclopedia1engyesbilly3b.1by Gilles Poitras
The Anime Encyclopedia - revised & expanded editionencyclopedia1engyesbilly3b.1by Helen McCarthy
The anime movie guideencyclopedia1engyesbilly3b.1by Helen McCarthy
The Official xxxHolic Guidedata/artbook1engyesbilly4.5
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyanovel01-12engyes(?)billy3b.210 and "11" bundled in 1 release
The Celebration of Haruhi Suzumiyamanga1engyesbilly3b.2anthology
Time of Eve: Another Actnovel1engyesbilly4.5
Time of Eve: Official Fan Bookdata/artbook1engyesbilly4.5
Uminekomanga01-21engyesbox3, bigbox1
Vision of Escaflownemanga1-8engyesbilly3b.1
Witch Hat Ateliermanga01-11engnobox5of 12+ (1-4 xmas present at work)
Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen/Lovely Muco - Halloween Trick-or-Read 2023comic1engyes?box5
Witch Hat Atelier Kitchenmanga01-02engnobigbox2of ??
With the Lightmanga1-8eng"yes"billy4.6(two Japanese volumes per English volume; stalled after mangaka died after jap. vol. 14/15)
xxxHolic Reimanga1-4engno(?)billy4.6
xxxHolic: Anotherholicnovel1engyesbilly4.5
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