.hack//G.U. TrilogyDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11131dvdstor1.6
.hack//RootsDVD boxed setR1hyb626650dvdstor1.6includes OST, game demo, T-shirt (XL, picture on back)
.hack//SIGNDVD boxed setsR2 UKhyb7+428+4700+135dvdstor1.6.hack//SIGN + .hack//Liminality
.hack//(Legend of the )TWILIGHTDVDR2 NLhyb312300dvdstor1.6DVD 1-3 (all)
3x3 EyesDVDR1hyb14120billy1.7
3x3 Eyes - Legend of the Divine DemonDVDR1hyb13150billy1.7
5 Centimetres Per SecondDVDR4, R2 AUhyb1163billy2.1
Abenobashi Magical Shopping ArcadeDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb413325billy2.1
A Certain Magical Index season 1DVD setR1hyb424600billy4.5
A Certain Magical Index season 2DVD setR1hyb424600billy4.5
A Certain Magical Index season 3DVD setsR1hyb426650billy4.5
A Certain Magical Index - The Miracle of EndymionDVDR1hyb1190billy4.5
A Certain Scientific AcceleratorDVD setR1hyb212300billy4.5
A Certain Scientific RailgunDVD setR1hyb424600billy4.5
A Certain Scientific Railgun SDVD setR1hyb424600billy4.5
A Certain Scientific Railgun TDVD setR1hyb425625billy4.5set 1-2 (all)
Adieu Galaxy Express 999DVDR1hyb11135billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
AD Police OVADVDR1hyb13120dvdstor1.5
AD Police TVDVD setR1hyb212300dvdstor1.5in a set with Parasite Dolls
Ah/Oh! My Goddess - Ultimate Goddess CollectionDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb2+15+1156+106billy1.8OVA + movie
Ah/Oh! My Goddess - The Adventures of Mini GoddessDVDR2 UKhyb448400billy1.8DVD 1-4 (all)
Ah/Oh! My Goddess TV season 1DVD boxed setR1hyb626650billy1.8
Ah/Oh! My Goddess TV season 2DVD boxed setR1hyb424600billy1.8includes keychain
Ai no Utagoe o Kikasete/Sing a Bit of HarmonyDVDR2 UKhyb11109bigbox2
Air TVDVD boxed setR1hyb312+2300+40billy2.6
Air - the motion pictureDVDR1hyb1185billy2.6
Air GearDVD boxed setR1hyb625+1650billy2.7
Ai Tenchi Muyo shortsDVD setR1hyb250200dvdstor2.1
AKB0048DVD setsR1hyb626650billy4.4Shoji Kawamori
Alderamin on the SkyDVD setR1hyb213325bigbox2
A Letter to MomoDVDR2 UKhyb11120billy4.1
Amazing Nuts!DVDR1Jap+Eng sub1436billy4.4anthology
Angel Beats!DVD setR1hyb313+1325+25billy4.2
Angelic LayerDVD boxed setR1hyb526650billy1.8
Animation Runner KuromiDVDR1hyb2285billy1.5dvd 1-2 (all)
Ano HanaDVD/Blu-Ray setR1Jap+Eng sub211275billy4.4
Ano Hana movieDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1199billy4.4
Appleseed OVADVDR2 UKhyb1167billy2.6
AppleseedDVDR2 UKhyb11105billy2.6
Appleseed Ex MachinaDVDR1hyb11104billy2.6
Appleseed XIIIDVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb313325billy2.6
Appleseed XIII - Tartaros & OuranosDVD setR1hyb2285+85billy2.6
Arcadia of my YouthDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11130billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Area 88 OVADVDR1hyb22195billy2.6
Area 88 TVDVD setR2 UKhyb412300billy2.6
Aria - The AnimationDVD boxed setR1Jap+Eng sub413325billy2.4plus postcards
Aria - The NaturalDVD boxed setsR1Jap+Eng sub8+226650billy2.4set 1-2 (all) plus foam President Aria, papercraft gondola
Aria - The OriginationDVD boxed setR1Jap+Eng sub3+1+114+1350+30billy2.4includes Arietta, plus bookmarks
Armitage III OVADVDR1hyb14140dvdstor1.5
Armitage Dual Matrix special editionDVDR1hyb1190dvdstor1.5
A Silent Voice/Eiga Koe no KatachiDVDR2 UKhyb11120billy4.4
Assemble InsertDVDR1hyb1260billy2.2
Attack on Titan season 1DVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb425625billy4.4set 1-2 (all), includes logo sticker
Attack on Titan season 2DVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb212300billy4.4
Attack on Titan season 3DVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb422550billy4.4set 1-2 (all), includes keychain
Attack on Titan season 4DVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb528700billy4.4set 1-2 (all)
Attack on Titan - Junior HighDVD setR1hyb212300billy4.4
Aura - Koga Maryuin’s Last WarDVDR1hyb1190billy4.4
AvengerDVD setR1hyb313325billy4.1
Ayashi no Ceres/Ceres - Celestial LegendDVD setR1hyb424600billy4.4
Azumanga DaiohDVD boxed setR1hyb526650billy1.8
Baccano!DVD setR1hyb316400billy2.2
Baka and Test season 1DVD setR2 UKhyb213325bigbox2
Baka and Test season 2DVD setR2 UKhyb213325bigbox2
Banner of the StarsDVD boxed setR1hyb313325dvdstor2.1
Banner of the Stars IIDVD boxed setR1hyb310250dvdstor2.1
Banner of the Stars DVD setR1hyb413+10+2325+250+70dvdstor2.1
Barefoot GenDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub12168billy4.4
Battle Angel/GunnmDVDR1hyb1260billy2.7
Beast King GolionDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub9521300billy4.4set 1-3 (all), became part of Voltrton
BerserkDVD setR1hyb625625billy4.1
Berserk - The Golden Age Arc 1 - The Egg of the KingDVDR1hyb1176billy4.1
Berserk - The Golden Age Arc 2 - The Battle for DoldreyDVDR1hyb1192billy4.1includes Band of the Hawk can Koozie
Berserk - The Golden Age Arc 3 - The AdventDVDR1hyb11107billy4.1
Berserk season 1DVD setR1hyb212300billy4.1
Berserk season 2DVD setR1hyb212300billy4.1
Birdy The Mighty - DecodeDVD setR1hyb213325billy2.7
Birdy The Mighty - Decode 2DVD setR1hyb213325billy2.7
Birthday WonderlandDVDR2 UKhyb11115bigbox2
Black Butler/KuroshitsujiDVD setsR1hyb424600billy1.8set 1-2 (all)
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji IIDVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb312+6300+150billy1.8
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji - Book of CircusDVD setR1hyb210250billy1.8
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji - Book of MurderDVDR1hyb12125billy1.8
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji - Book of the AtlanticDVDR1hyb11100billy1.8
Black CatDVD setR1hyb423+1600dvdstor1.5
Black LagoonDVDR2 UKhyb312300billy2.6
Black Lagoon - The Second BarrageDVDR2 UKhyb312300billy2.6
Black Lagoon - Roberta’s Blood TrailDVD/Blu-ray setR1hyb15175billy2.6
Black Magic M-66DVDR1Jap+Eng sub1148billy4.4
Blame!DVDR2 UKhyb11102bigbox2
Blue GenderDVD setR1hyb526+1650+100billy4.4I have cells of this series
Blue SeedDVD boxed setR1hyb4+126+3750billy4.3TV series + Beyond OVA
Blue Submarine No.6DVD setR1hyb34130billy1.8
BokuranoDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub424600billy4.4
Boogiepop Phantom complete collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb4+112+1300+158billy2.7includes live-action movie
Brave StoryDVDR2 UKhyb11112billy2.1
Broken Blade/Break BladeDVD setR1hyb26300billy4.1
Bubblegum Crash!DVDR1hyb13135dvdstor1.5
Bubblegum CrisisDVD boxed setR1hyb48+musicvid453dvdstor1.5
Bubblegum Crisis 2040DVD boxed setR1hyb626650dvdstor1.5
Buso RenkinDVD boxed setsR1hyb626650billy4.5
Captain Harlock - Space Pirate TVDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub6421050billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Captain HerlockDVDR1hyb4+113325billy2.2DVD 1-4 (all) + bonus DVD. Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Captain Harlock - Endless Orbit SSXDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub322550billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Cardcaptor SakuraDVD setR1hyb12701750bigbox2set 1-3 (all)
Cardcaptor Sakura: The MovieDVDR1hyb1180bigbox2
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2DVDR1hyb1190bigbox2
Cat’s Eye season 1DVD setR1Jap+Eng sub636900billy4.5
Cat’s Eye season 2DVD setR1Jap+Eng sub637925billy4.5
Chaos;ChildDVD setR1hyb313+1325+50billy4.2
Chaos;HeadDVD setR2 UKhyb212300billy4.2
Children of the SeaDVDR1hyb11111bigbox2
ChobitsDVDR2 UKhyb624+3675billy2.7DVD 1-6 (all)
Chrno CrusadeDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb724600billy2.1
Clannad complete collectionDVD setR1hyb424600billy1.8
Clannad After Story complete collectionDVD setR1hyb425625billy1.8
Clannad - The Motion PictureDVDR1hyb1195billy1.8
ClaymoreDVD setR2 UKhyb626650billy4.1
Club-to-death Angel Dokuro-chanDVD setR1hyb28+4180billy1.2season 1-2
Cobra - The AnimationDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub513+4+2325+120+60bigbox1TV + The Psychogun + Time Drive
Code GeassDVD setR1hyb625625billy1.7
Code Geass R2DVD setR1hyb825625billy1.7
Code Geass - Akito the ExiledDVD setR1hyb35290billy1.7
Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Re;SurrectionDVDR1hyb11113billy1.7
Colorful - the motion pictureDVDR1hyb11126billy4.3
Cosmo Warrior ZeroDVD boxed setR1hyb413+3325+64billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Cowboy BebopDVD boxed setR1hyb626650dvdstor2.1remix set
Cowboy Bebop movieDVDR2 UKhyb1193dvdstor2.1
Crest of the StarsDVD boxed setR1hyb413325dvdstor2.1
Cromartie High SchoolDVDR2 UKhyb426325billy1.7DVD 1-4 (all)
Crusher JoeDVD setR1hyb23238dvdstor1.3
DallosDVDR1Jap+Eng sub14120billy4.4
DanganronpaDVD setR2 UKhyb213325billy4.1
Danganronpa 3 - Despair ArcDVD setR1hyb212300billy4.1
Danganronpa 3 - Future ArcDVD setR1hyb212300billy4.1
Deadman WonderlandDVD setR1hyb212+1300+25billy4.5
Death NoteDVD setsR2 UKhyb937925billy1.2set 1-5 (all)
Death note - RelightDVDR1hyb22220billy1.2dvd 1-2 (all)
Death ParadeDVD setR1hyb212+1300+25bigbox1
DeeMo - Memorial KeysDVDR1hyb1189bigbox2
Dennou CoilDVD setR4 AUJap+Eng sub526650billy4.2
Devil Hunter YohkoDVD setR1hyb36226billy4.1
D.Gray-ManDVD setsR1hyb8511275billy4.4set 1-2 (sets 3-4 never released)
D.Gray-Man season 3DVD setsR1hyb526650billy4.4set 1-2 (all)
D.Gray-Man season 4DVD setsR1hyb626650billy4.4set 1-2 (all)
Dimension WDVD setR1hyb212+6300+39billy1.8
Dirty Pair FlashDVD setR1hyb316400dvdstor1.3
Dirty Pair movie collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb33190dvdstor1.3Project Eden, Affair of Nolandia, Flight 005 Conspiracy
Dirty Pair OVA collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb210250dvdstor1.3
Dirty Pair TVDVD boxed setsR1Jap+Eng sub626650dvdstor1.3set 1-2 (all)
DNA^2DVDR1hyb515375dvdstor1.6DVD 1-5 (all)
DorororoDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub426+1650+15billy4.4
Dragon HalfDVDR1hyb1250billy1.2
Drifters Collector’s EditionDVD setR2 DEhyb212300bigbox2
Dual! - Parallel Trouble AdventureDVDR1hyb414350billy2.4DVD 1-4 (all)
Durarara!!DVD setsR2 UKJap+Eng sub624+2650billy4.2set 1-3 (all)
Durarara!!x2 ShouDVD setR2 UKhyb212300billy4.2
Durarara!!x2 TenDVD setR2 UKhyb212300billy4.2(also numbered 13-24)
Durarara!!x2 KetsuDVD setR2 UKhyb212300billy4.2(also numbered 25-36)
Dusk Maiden of AmnesiaDVD setR1hyb312+1300+25billy4.4includes 2 soundtrack CDs
Earwig and the WitchDVDR1hyb1182bigbox1
Eden of the EastDVD setR1hyb211275billy1.1
Eden of the East - The King of EdenDVDR1hyb1+11+1125+85billy1.1includes "Air Communication" recap of the TV series
Eden of the East - Paradise LostDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb1192billy1.1
ef - A Tale of MemoriesDVD setR1hyb212300billy1.8
ef - A Tale of MelodiesDVD setR1hyb212300billy1.8
El Cazador de la BrujaDVD setsR1hyb426650billy1.5set 1-2 (all)
Elfen LiedDVD setR1hyb313325billy1.7
El Hazard OVADVDR1hyb27240dvdstor2.1DVD 1-2 (all)
El Hazard OVA2DVDR1hyb14120dvdstor2.1
El Hazard - The Alternative WorldDVDR1hyb413325billy2.1DVD 1-4 (all)
El Hazard - The WanderersDVDR1hyb426650billy2.4DVD 1-4 (all)
Ergo ProxyDVD boxed setR1hyb623575billy1.5
Escaflowneltd edition DVD boxed setR1hyb826650dvdstor1.1includes boxed Black Escaflowne action figure
Escaflowne movieDVDR1hyb1196dvdstor1.1
Eureka SevenDVD boxed setsR2 UKhyb10501250billy1.3set 1-2 (all)
Eureka Seven - Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young LoversR1DVDhyb11117billy1.3
Eureka Seven - Astral OceanDVD/Blu-ray setsR1hyb424+1600+30billy1.3set 1-2 (all)
Eureka Seven - Hi-Evolution 1DVDR1hyb1193bigbox11 of 3
Eureka Seven - Hi-Evolution 2DVDR2 UKhyb11100bigbox1nr 2 of 3
Eureka Seven - Hi-Evolution 2Blu-RayR1hyb11100bigbox1nr 2 of 3
EvangelionDVD boxed setR1hyb826650dvdstor1.5
Evangelion - Director’s CutDVDR1hyb26(+6)2x(75+75)dvdstor1.5ep. 21-26
Evangelion movies setDVD boxed setR1hyb21+1115+90dvdstor1.5Death&Rebirth, End of EVA
Evangelion 1.11DVD setR1hyb1+11100dvdstor1.5
Evangelion 2.22DVD setR1hyb1+11112dvdstor1.5
Evangelion 3.33DVDR1hyb1195dvdstor1.5
Evangelion 3.0+1.11DVDR2 NLJap+Eng sub11155dvdstor1.5
Eve no Jikan/Time of Eve the movieBlu-rayfreehyb11106billy4.3Kickstarter. bonus: art booklet, character cards, OST, Pale Cocoon and Aqautic Language shorts
Excel SagaDVD boxed setR1hyb526650billy2.2
Expelled From ParadiseDVDR2 UKhyb11104billy4.1
FafnerDVDR1hyb726650billy1.5DVD 1-7 (all)
Fafner - Heaven & EarthDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb1195billy1.5bonus: art leaflet
Fam & Ihrie - Ruin ExplorersDVDR1hyb14100billy4.4
Fantastic ChildrenDVD boxed setR1hyb626650billy1.2
Fate/Grand Order - First OrderDVDR2hyb1172bigbox1
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma IllyaDVD setR1hyb211275billy1.1
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!DVD setR1hyb310+3250+18billy1.1
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!DVD setR1hyb310+5250+34billy1.1
Fate/Stay NightDVD boxed setR1hyb624600billy1.1
Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s FeelDVDsR2 UKhyb1+1+11+1+1120+117+121bigbox1movie 1-3 (all)
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade WorksDVDR1hyb11105billy1.1
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works TVDVD setsR2 UKhyb626650billy1.1set 1-2 (all)
Fate/ZeroDVD setsR2 UKhyb425650billy1.1set 1-2 (all), double length first episode
Fire Force DNA Sights 999.9DVDR2 NLJap+NL sub1180billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
First SquadDVDR1hyb1175billy4.2
FLCL/Furi KuriDVD setR2 UKhyb36180billy2.4
Flip FlappersDVD setR2 UKhyb213325bigbox1
Freedom complete collectionDVD setR1hyb27220billy4.1
Fruits BasketDVD boxed setR1hyb426650billy1.8
Fruits Basket (2019) Season 1DVD setR2 UKhyb425625billy1.8
Fruits Basket (2019) Season 2DVD setR2 UKhyb425625billy1.8
Fruits Basket (2019) The Final SeasonDVD setR2 UKhyb213325billy1.8
Fruits Basket (2019) PreludeDVDR2 UKhyb1190billy1.8
Fullmetal AlchemistDVD boxed setsR1hyb4+425+26625+650billy1.1season set 1-2 (all), includes guide books
Fullmetal Alchemist movie - Conquerer of Shamballaspec edition DVD setR1hyb1+11104billy1.1
Fullmetal Alchemist movie - The Sacred Star of MilosDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb11110billy1.1
Fullmetal Alchemist Premium OVA collectionDVDR1hyb1435billy1.1
Fullmetal Alchemist - BrotherhoodDVD setsR1hyb10641600billy1.1set 1-5 (all) (part 1 includes postcards)
Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood OVA collectionDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb1460billy1.1
Full Metal Panic - Heavy Metal CollectionDVD boxed setR1hyb4+224+12600+300billy2.2Full Metal Panic! & Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
Full Metal Panic - The Second RaidDVD boxed setR1hyb413+1350billy2.2
Fuse - Memoirs of a HuntressDVDR2 UKhyb11109billy4.3
Fushigi Yugi TVDVDR1hyb8521300dvdstor1.1DVD 1-8 (all)
Fushigi Yugi OVA boxDVD boxed setR1hyb29295dvdstor1.1Illusions, Memories and Reflections
Fushigi Yugi - EikodenDVDR1hyb14120dvdstor1.1
Galaxy Express 999DVDR1hyb11128billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Galaxy Express 999 - Eternal FantasyDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1154billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Galaxy Express 999 TVDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub438950billy2.2set 1 of 3? , Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Galaxy RailwaysDVD boxed setR1hyb626650billy1.3Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Galaxy Railways - A Letter from the Abandoned PlanetDVDR1Jap+Eng sub14105billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Gall Force 1 - Eternal StoryDVDR1hyb1186billy1.1
Gall Force 2 - DestructionDVDR1hyb1150billy1.1
Gall Force 3 - Stardust WarDVDR1hyb1162billy1.1
Gall Force 4 - Rhea Gall ForceDVDR1hyb1160billy1.1
Gall Force - Earth ChapterDVDR1hyb13156billy1.1
Gall Force - New EraDVDR1hyb1294billy1.1
Gankutsuou - The Count of Monte CristoDVD boxed setR1hyb624600billy2.5
Ga-Rei ZeroDVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb312300billy2.7
GasarakiDVD boxed setR1hyb825625dvdstor1.5
GatchamanDVD boxed setR1hyb22105+32625+140billy4.5
Gatchaman the movieDVDR1hyb11110billy4.5
Gatchaman IIDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub9521300billy4.5
Gatchaman FDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub9481200billy4.5
Gatchaman CrowdsDVD setR1hyb312300billy4.5
Gatchaman Crowds InsightDVD setR1hyb313325billy4.5
Genesis Climber MospeadaDVD boxed setR1Jap+Eng sub525625dvdstor1.2
Genshiken Complete CollectionDVD boxed setR1hyb312+3300+75billy1.5includes Kujibiki Unbalance OVA
Genshiken 2 Premium CollectionDVD boxed setR1hyb312300billy1.5
Get BackersDVD boxed setsR1hyb5+525+24625+600billy1.6season 1-2 (all)
Ghibli: (The Borrower) ArriettyDVDR2 UKhyb1190dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: From Up On Poppy HillDVDR2 UKhyb1191dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Grave of the FirefliesDVDR2 UKhyb2190dvdstor1.42 disc special edition
Ghibli: Howl’s Moving CastleDVDR2 UKhyb11115dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Kiki’s Delivery ServiceDVDR2 UKhyb11103dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Laputa - Castle in the SkyDVDR2 UKhyb11125dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Mononoke HimeDVDR2 UKhyb11134dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Mononoke HimeDVDR1hyb11134dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: My Neighbours the YamadasDVDR2 UKhyb11104dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: My Neighbour TotoroDVDR2 UKhyb1186dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindDVDR2 UKhyb11116dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Ocean Waves/I Can Hear the SeaDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1172dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Only YesterdayDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub11119dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Pom PokoDVDR2 UKhyb11114dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: PonyoDVDR2 UKhyb1+1199dvdstor1.42 disc special edition
Ghibli: Porco RossoDVDR2 UKhyb1193dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Spirited AwayDVDR2 UKhyb11120dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Spirited AwayDVDR2 NLhyb-NL11125dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Tales From EarthseaDVDR2 UKhyb11110dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: The Cat ReturnsDVDR2 UKhyb1174dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: The Tale of the Princess KaguyaDVDR2 UKhyb1+11137dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: The Wind RisesDVDR2 UKhyb11121dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: When Marnie was ThereDVDR2 UKhyb1+11103dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Whisper of the HeartDVDR2 UKhyb11111dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: The Red TurtleDVDR2 UKno lang1177dvdstor1.4
Ghibli: Ronja the Robber’s DaughterDVD setR2 UKeng426650dvdstor1.4didn’t notice it doesn’t include jap audio and subs :(
Ghost HoundDVD setR1hyb422550billy4.3
Ghost HuntDVD setR1hyb425625billy1.5set 1-2 (all)
Ghost in the Shell 2.0DVD setR2 UKhyb2180billy1.7also includes original version, in a set with Innocence
Ghost in the Shell - AriseDVD setsR2 UKhyb44240billy1.7set 1-2 (all)
Ghost in the Shell - (Arise) the new movieDVDR1hyb11100billy1.7
Ghost in the Shell - InnocenceDVD setR2 UKhyb2196billy1.7in a set with 2.0
Ghost in the Shell SAC - 1st GigDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb726650billy1.7
Ghost in the Shell SAC - 2nd GigDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb726650billy1.7
Ghost in the Shell SAC - Solid State SocietyDVDR2 UKhyb11108billy1.7
Giant RoboDVD setR1hyb47+3325+75billy4.5Giant Robo + Giant Robo Gaiden Ginrei
Giovanni’s IslandDVDR2 UKhyb11102billy4.3
Girls und Panzer TVDVD setR2 UKhyb212+2300+50bigbox1
Girls und Panzer OVADVDR2 UKhyb1673bigbox1
Girls und Panzer der FilmDVDR2 UKhyb11119bigbox1
Girls und Panzer - This is the Real Anzio Battle!DVDR2 UKhyb1138bigbox1
Goodbye, Don Glees!DVDR1hyb1195bigbox2
Good Luck Girl!/Binbougami ga!DVD setR1hyb213325billy1.5
GoshogunDVD setJap+Eng subR1426650billy4.5was dubbed into Macron 1
Goshogun: Time Etranger/Time StrangerDVDR1hyb1190billy4.5side story of the series that was dubbed into Macron 1
Green Legend RanDVDR1hyb11140billy4.1
GunbusterDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub36190dvdstor1.5
Gunbuster 2DVD setR2 UKJap+Eng sub26156dvdstor1.5
Gundam (0079) complete collectionDVD setsR1hyb8421050dvdstor1.1set 1-2 (all), episode 15 of 43 not included
Gundam (0079) - movie versionDVDR2 NLhyb33144+147+147dvdstor1.2DVD 1-3 (all)
Gundam 0080DVD setR1hyb26150dvdstor1.2
Gundam 0083 - Stardust MemoryDVD boxed setR1hyb413325dvdstor1.2
Gundam 0083 - The Afterglow of ZeonDVDR2 NLhyb11144dvdstor1.2compilation movie
Gundam 00DVD setsR1hyb625625dvdstor1.1includes manga 00 vol1, 00F vol1
Gundam 00 second seasonDVDR1hyb825625dvdstor1.1DVD 1-4 (all)
Gundam 00 - A Wakening of the TrailblazerDVDR1hyb11120dvdstor1.1
Gundam 00 - Special EditionDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub33270dvdstor1.1extended summary movies
Gundam - Char’s Counter AttackDVDR2 NLhyb11124dvdstor1.2
Gundam - Iron Blooded Orphans season 1DVD setsR1hyb425625dvdstor1.2
Gundam - Iron Blooded Orphans season 2DVD setsR1hyb425625dvdstor1.2
Gundam - The 08th MS TeamDVD boxed setR1hyb512+1355dvdstor1.2
Gundam - After War Gundam XDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub839975dvdstor1.2
Gundam AGEDVD setsR1hyb9491225dvdstor1.1set 1-2 (all)
Gundam AGE - Memory of EdenDVDR1Jap+Eng sub12150dvdstor1.1
Gundam Build FightersDVD setR1hyb525625dvdstor1.2
Gundam Build Fighters TryDVD setR1hyb525625dvdstor1.2
Gundam EvolveDVDR1Jap+Eng sub115120dvdstor1.2
Gundam F91DVDR2 NLhyb11124dvdstor1.2
Gundam - MS IglooDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub33+3+390+90+90dvdstor1.2
Gundam - Reconguista in GDVD setR4 AUJap+Eng sub426650dvdstor1.1
Gundam SeedDVDR2 NLhyb10501250dvdstor1.2DVD 01-10 (all)
Gundam Seed Destiny complete collectionDVD setR1hyb12501250dvdstor1.2set 1-2 (all)
Gundam Seed Destiny - Final PlusDVDR1hyb1147dvdstor1.2
Gundam - The Origin - Chronicle of Char and SaylaDVD setR1hyb44265dvdstor1.1
Gundam Thunderbolt - December SkyDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1170dvdstor1.1
Gundam - Turn A GundamDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub12501250dvdstor1.2set 1-2 (all)
Gundam - V GundamDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub10511275dvdstor1.2set 1-2 (all)
Gundam W(ing) complete collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb10491225dvdstor1.2set 1-2 (all)
Gundam W(ing) - Endless WaltzDVDR1hyb43+1+490+90+270dvdstor1.2OVA and movie version, Operation Meteor
Gundam UnicornDVDR1hyb47450dvdstor1.1DVD 1-4 (all)
Gundam - Zeta Gundam complete collectionDVD boxed setsR1hyb10501250dvdstor1.2set 1-2 (all)
Gundam - Zeta Gundam A New TranslationDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub33297dvdstor1.2
Gundam ZZDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub10471175dvdstor1.2set 1-2 (all)
Gun Frontier - Gun PackDVD boxed setR1hyb413325billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Gunparade MarchDVD setR1hyb312300billy4.4
Gunslinger GirlDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb313325billy2.2
Gunslinger Girl - Il TeatrinoDVD boxed setR1hyb213325billy2.2
Gunslinger Girl - Il Teatrino OVADVDR1hyb1250billy2.2
Gunsmith Cats - BulletproofDVDR4hyb1390billy2.1
Gyokou no Nikuko-chan/Fortune Favors Lady NikukoDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1197bigbox2
Haibane RenmeiDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb413325billy2.5
Harlock SagaDVDR1hyb16180billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
HarmonieDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1126bigbox2Collectors Edition - Wakate Animator Ikusei Project 2014
HellsingDVD boxed setR1hyb413325billy1.7
Hellsing Ultimate 01-08DVDR2 UKhyb4+38375billy4.21-8 of 10
Hellsing Ultimate 09-10DVDR1hyb22112billy4.2No R2 UK of last two
Heroic AgeDVD setR1hyb426650billy4.1
Higurashi no Naku Koro niDVD boxed setR1hyb626650billy2.2
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni KaiDVD boxed setR4Jap+Eng sub424600billy2.2
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ReiDVDR1Jap+Eng sub15150billy2.2
Hoshi o Ou Kodomo/Children Who Chase Lost VoicesDVDR1hyb11116billy2.1
Hoshizora Kiseki + Coffee SamuraiDVDR1Jap+Eng sub/Kor+Eng sub11+130+30billy2.6
House of Five LeavesDVD setR2 UKJap+Eng sub312300bigbox1
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness season 1DVD setR1Jap+Eng sub313325billy2.4
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness season 2DVD setR1Jap+Eng sub626650billy2.4
Humanity Has DeclinedDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub312300bigbox1
HyoukaDVD setsR2 UKhyb422+1550+25bigbox1
Ika Musume/Squid Girl complete collectionDVD setR1hyb712+12+3300+300+75billy4.3
Infinite RyviusDVD boxed setR1hyb626650billy1.6
Interstella 5555DVDR2 UKmusic1165billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
In This Corner Of The WorldDVDR2 UKhyb11124billy4.4
Inu-OhDVDR2 UKhyb1198bigbox2
Inu-OhDVDR2 NLJap+NL subs1198bigbox2
Iria Zeiram the animationDVD setR1hyb2+16168dvdstor1.3
Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA ultra editionDVD boxed setR1hyb3+110360billy2.5OST etc. included
Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV ultra editionDVD boxed setR1hyb4+226650billy1.6OST etc. included
I"sDVD setR1hyb22+660+180billy1.5From I"s and I"s Pure
I Want To Eat Your PancreasDVDR2 UKhyb11108bigbox1
Jan Jan! Junko-chan!DVDR2 JapanJap+Eng sub1328dvdstor1.6live action, A2003 cosplay prize
Jin-Roh - The Wolf BrigadeDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1198billy4.5
Josee - the Tiger and the FishDVDR2 UKhyb1198bigbox2
Juuni Kokki/Twelve KingdomsDVD boxed setsR1hyb10451125dvdstor1.6collection 1-2 (all)
Jyu-Oh-SeiDVD setR1hyb211275billy1.5
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress season 1DVD setR2 UKhyb213300bigbox2
Kamichu! complete box setDVD boxed setR1hyb416400billy1.5
Kamisama DollsDVD setR1hyb313325billy1.1
Kamisama Kiss S1 and S2DVD setR2 UKhyb3+213+12325+300bigbox2
Kanon (2006)DVD setR2 UKhyb424699bigbox2
Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of SinnersDVD boxed setR2 NL/FRJap+NL sub77441billy4.1includes OST 1-7 CDs
Karas double featureDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb36165billy2.1Karas The Profecy and Karas The Revelation
Key the Metal IdolDVDR1hyb315570billy2.4DVD 1-3 (all)
Kiddy Girl-andDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub424600billy1.1
Kiddy GradeDVD setR1hyb424600billy1.1
Kill la KillDVD setsR2 UKhyb524+1600+30billy4.4set 1-3 (all)
Kimikiss Pure RougeDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub424+1600+25billy1.7set 1-2 (all)
Kino no Tabi/Kino’s JourneyDVD setR1hyb313325billy1.5
Kishin CorpsDVD setR1hyb27240billy4.1
KiznaiverDVD setR2 UKhyb212300bigbox2
Kodomo no OmochaDVD boxed setsR1hyb13511250billy1.2season 1-2 (all)
Kujibiki Unbalance Collector’s BoxDVD boxed setR1hyb312+3300+75billy1.5includes Genshiken OVA
Kurau Phantom MemoryDVD setR1hyb424600billy4.1
KurenaiDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub2+112300billy1.1
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub8541350billy4.3Japanese version of Samurai Pizza Cats
KyousougigaDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub210+1250+25billy4.5
Last ExileDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb726650billy4.1
Last Exile - Fam The Silver WingDVD/Blu-Ray setsR1hyb423575billy4.1set 1-2 (all)
Legend of Crystania complete collectionDVD setR1hyb21+385+135dvdstor1.1sequel to Lodoss war; movie + OVA
Legend of Galactic Heroes - Die Neue TheseDVD setR1hyb212300bigbox1
Legend of Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These season 2DVD setR1hyb212300bigbox1
Le Chevalier D’EonDVD setR1hyb424600billy4.1
Le Portrait de Petite CossetteDVDR2 UKhyb13110billy2.6
Like the Clouds, Like the WindDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1179billy1.5
Lily C.A.T.DVDR1hyb1191billy4.4
Liz and the Blue BirdDVDR1hyb1190billy1.8
Log HorizonDVD setsR1hyb625625billy4.4set 1-2 (all)
Log Horizon season 2DVD setsR1hyb625625billy4.4set 1-2 (all)
Lost UniverseDVD boxed setR1hyb526650billy1.8
Loups=GarousDVD setR1hyb1+1198billy2.6
Love, Chunibyo and Other DelusionsDVD setR2 UKhyb212+1300+25bigbox1
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions - Heart ThrobDVD setR2 UKhyb312+1300+25bigbox1
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions - Rikka VersionDVDR2 UKhyb11113bigbox1
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions - Take On MeDVDR2 UKhyb1196bigbox1
Love HinaDVD setR1hyb425625dvdstor1.5
Love Hina - SpecialsDVD setR2 UKhyb31+1+3215dvdstor1.5Christmas, Spring, Again
Lovely ComplexDVD setR1Jap+Eng subs424600billy2.6
L/R Licensed by RoyaltyDVD boxed setR1hyb413325billy2.5
Lu over the WallDVDR2 UKhyb11112bigbox1
Lupin III episode 0 - The First ContactDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1192dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Alcatraz ConnectionDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1190dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Blood Seal of the Eternal MermaidDVDR1hyb1190dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Bye Bye Lady LibertyDVDR1hyb11100dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - From Siberia with LoveDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1190dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Goemon’s Blood SprayDVDR1hyb1150dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Green vs RedDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1179dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Jigen’s GravestoneDVDR1hyb1150dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Napoleon’s DictionaryDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1190dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Operation Return the TreasureDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1190dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The Castle of CagliostroDVDR1hyb11109dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The FirstDVDR1hyb1193dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The Fuma ConspiracyDVDR1hyb1173dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The Hemmingway PapersDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1190dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The Legend of the Gold of BabylonDVDR1hyb11100dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The Secret of MamoDVDR1hyb11100dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - The Woman Named Fujiko MineDVD/Blu-ray setR1hyb213325dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan the movieDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11100dvdstor2.2
Lupin III - Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan the specialDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11100dvdstor2.2
Lupin III movie pack - First HaulDVD boxed setR1hyb55460dvdstor2.2Voyage to Danger, Dragon of Doom, The Pursuit of Harimao’s Treasure, The Secret of Twilight Gemini, Dead or Alive
Lupin III movie pack - Final HaulDVD boxed setR1hyb55460dvdstor2.2Farewell to Nostradamus, Island of Assasins, Crisis in Tokyo, The Columbus Files, Missed by a Dollar
Lupin III TVDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub423575dvdstor2.2
Lupin III part IIDVD setsR1hyb241553875dvdstor2.2set 1-4 (all)
MacrossDVD boxed setR1Jap+Eng sub936900dvdstor1.2
Macross - Do You Remember LoveDVDR2 JPJap11115dvdstor1.3
Macross - Flashback 2012DVDR2 JPJap1130dvdstor1.3
Macross IIDVDR1hyb11160dvdstor1.3movie version
Macross PlusDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb34+1300dvdstor1.3eps 1-4 + movie version
MadlaxDVD boxed setR1hyb526650billy2.6
Maetel LegendDVDR1hyb1285billy2.2Leiji Matsumoto-verse
Magical Project SDVD boxed setR1Jap+Eng sub426650dvdstor2.1set 1-2 (all)
Magical Girl Lyrical NanohaDVD boxed setR1hyb313325billy1.2
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’sDVD boxed setR1hyb313325billy1.2
Magical Witch Punie-chanDVDR1hyb14100billy1.2
Magic Knight Rayearth - The World ofDVD boxed setR1hyb13491310billy2.7season 1-2
Magic Knight Rayearth OVADVDR1hyb13135billy2.7
Mahoromatic - Full Metal Maid complete collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb512+14+1700billy1.5season 1-2, summer special
Mahoromatic - I’m HomeDVDR1hyb1250billy1.5
Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu/Tweeny WitchesDVD boxed setR1hyb6+240+6460+138billy4.2
Mai Mai MiracleDVDR2 UKhyb1195billy1.8
Maquia - When the Promised Flower BloomsDVDR1hyb11115billy1.8
Mardock Scramble - The First Compression director’s cutDVDR1hyb11+160+65billy2.6
Mardock Scramble - The Second CombustionDVDR1hyb11+1??+61billy2.6
Mardock Scrample - The Third ExhaustDVDR1hyb21+1??+69billy2.6
Maria+HolicDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub212300billy1.7
Maria+Holic AliveDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub212300billy1.7
Mars DaybreakDVD setR1hyb626650billy4.3
Martian Successor Nadesico complete collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb726+1+1650+90+30dvdstor1.3TV series + movie + Gekiganger III (bonus: magnetic card/picture)
Mary And The Witch’s FlowerDVDR1hyb11103billy1.6
Mawaru PenguindrumDVD setsR2 UKhyb624600bigbox1
Maze OVADVDR1hyb1285dvdstor1.6
Maze TVDVD boxed setR1hyb425625dvdstor1.6
Megazone 23 complete collectionDVD setR1hyb33255dvdstor1.3
MemoriesDVDR2 NLhyb13109billy4.4
Mermaid ForestDVD boxed setR1hyb413325billy2.7
MetropolisDVDR2 UKhyb1+11104billy2.1
Mighty Space MinersDVDR1hyb1260bigbox1
Millennium ActressDVDR2 UKhyb1183billy2.1
Mirai Nikki/Future DiaryDVD setR1hyb526+1650+30billy4.4
Misaki no Mayoiga/The House of the Lost on the CapeDVDR1hyb11105bigbox2
Miss HokusaiDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1190billy4.4
MM!DVD setR1Jap+Eng sub212300billy4.1
Mobile Fighter G GundamDVD setsR1hyb10491225dvdstor1.2
Mob Psycho 100 season 1DVD setR1hyb212300billy1.2
Mob Psycho 100 season 2DVD setR1hyb213325billy1.2
Mob Psycho 100 season 3DVD setR2 UKhyb212300billy1.2
Modest HeroesDVDR1hyb1354billy1.5Kanini and Kanino, Life Ain’t Gonna Lose, Invisible
Momotaro - Sacred SailorsDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1275+20billy4.4includes Spider and Tulip
Monster Farm/Monster RancherDVD setR1Jap+Eng subs8731825billy4.4
MushishiDVD setR1hyb426650billy1.5
My Bride is a Mermaid/Seto no HanayomeDVD setR1hyb426650bigbox2
My HimeDVDR2 NLhyb626650dvdstor2.1DVD 1-6 (all)
My OtomeDVDR1hyb426650dvdstor2.1DVD 1-7 (all)
My Otome ZweiDVDR1hyb14120dvdstor2.1
My Otome 0 - S.ifrDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1384dvdstor2.1
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU/OregairuDVD setR2 UKJap+Eng sub313325bigbox1
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too/Oregairu 2DVD setR2 UKJap+Eng sub313325bigbox1
Nadia - The Secret of Blue WaterDVD boxed setR1hyb1039975billy2.2metal box
Napping Princess/Ancien and the Magic TabletDVDR1hyb11106billy2.1
Night is Short Walk on GirlDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1193bigbox1
Night on the Galactic RailroadDVDR1hyb11107billy4.4
NoeinDVD boxed setR1hyb524600billy1.2
No Game No LifeDVD setR1hyb312300bigbox1
No Game No Life ZeroDVDR1hyb11105bigbox1
NoirDVD boxed setR1hyb726650billy2.7
Now and Then, Here and There complete collectionDVD setR1hyb2+113325billy4.5
Nuku Nuku - The Whole Kitten-Kaboodle CollectionDVD boxed setR1hyb76+14+12800billy1.2OVA + TV + Dash
Oblivion Island - Haruka and the Magic MirrorDVDR1hyb11100billy4.2
Occultic;NineDVD setsR2 UKhyb412300billy4.2set 1-2 (all)
Okko’s InnDVDR1hyb1195billy1.5
One Punch Man season 1DVD setR1hyb212300billy1.2
One Punch Man season 2DVD setR1hyb212300billy1.2
On-Gaku - Our SoundDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1171bihbox2
OrgussDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub535875dvdstor1.3
Orguss 02DVDR2 UKhyb16180dvdstor1.3
Origin - Spirits of the PastDVDR1hyb1190billy2.1
Otaku no VideoDVDR1Jap+Eng sub12100dvdstor1.3
Otogi ZoshiDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb726650billy2.1
Outlaw StarDVD boxed setR1hyb626650billy1.2
Overlord season 1DVD setR1hyb213325billy4.5
Overlord season 2DVD setR1hyb213325billy4.5
Overlord season 3DVD setR1hyb213325billy4.5includes acrylic keychain gift
Overlord season 4DVD setR2 UKhyb213325billy4.5
Over the SkyDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1195bigbox2collector’s limited edition including booklet
Panda Go PandaDVDR2 UKhyb1275dvdstor1.4pre-Ghibli, includes both short movies
Pani Poni Dash!DVD setR1hyb426650billy4.1
Panty and Stocking with GarterbeltDVD setR1hyb213325billy4.1
PaprikaDVDR2 UKhyb1187billy2.1
Parasite DollsDVDR1hyb1395dvdstor1.5in a set with AD Police TV
Paranoia AgentDVDR2 UKhyb413325billy2.4dvd 1-4 (all)
Patema Inverted collector’s editionDVD/Blu-RayR2 UKhyb1199billy4.3includes booklet
Patlabor - Original seriesDVD boxed setsR1hyb27210dvdstor2.2
Patlabor TVDVD boxed setsR1hyb11471165dvdstor2.2set 1-3 (all)
Patlabor - The New FilesDVD setR1hyb316400dvdstor2.2
Patlabor movie 1DVDR1hyb1199dvdstor2.2
Patlabor movie 2DVDR1hyb11100dvdstor2.2
Patlabor movie 3 WXIIIspec edition DVD boxed setR1hyb1+21+3102+36dvdstor2.2includes MiniPato
Peacemaker KuroganeDVD setR2 UKhyb725625billy2.7
Penguin HighwayDVDR1hyb11118billy1.5
Perfect BlueDVDR1hyb1183billy2.1
Petshop of HorrorsDVDR1hyb14100billy2.6
Phantom - the AnimationDVDR1hyb1390billy4.2
Phantom - Requiem for the PhantomDVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb626650billy4.2
Phoenix/Hi no Tori perfect collectionDVD setR1hyb313325billy4.1
Pigtails and Other ShortsDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1198billy1.8
PlanetESDVDR2 NLhyb626650billy2.5DVD 1-6 (all)
Pompo the CinephileDVDR1hyb1194bigbox1
Poupelle of Chimney TownDVDR1hyb11100bigbox2
Princess AreteDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub11105bigbox1
Princess TutuDVD boxed setR1hyb626650dvdstor1.3or 38 eps. where ep. 14-38 are 12 min. eps.
Project A-ko collectionDVD boxed setR4 AUhyb36260billy2.1A-ko 1-4, A-ko Versus Grey & Blue
Project Itoh - Genocidal OrganDVDR1hyb11115billy4.5
Project Itoh - HarmonyDVDR2 UKhyb11120billy4.5
Project Itoh - The Empire of CorpsesDVDR2 UKhyb11120billy4.5
Psychic School WarsDVDR2 UKhyb11110bigbox2
Psycho PassDVD/Blu-Ray setsR1hyb422550billy4.3
Psycho Pass season 2DVD setR1hyb211275billy4.3
Psycho Pass the movieDVDR1hyb11113billy4.3
Puella Magi Madoka MagicaDVD setR2 UKhyb312300billy4.1
Puella Magi Madoka Magica moviesDVDR2 UKhyb33126+105+112billy4.1
Puni Puni PoemiDVDR2 UKhyb1260billy2.2
Queen EmeraldasDVDR2 UKhyb1260billy2.2only 2 of 4 episodes released. Leiji Matsumoto-verse
RahxephonDVD boxed setR1hyb726650dvdstor1.5
Rahxephon - the motion pictureltd edition DVDR1hyb11120dvdstor1.5with booklet + box for movie + TV series
Ranma 1/2 season 1DVD boxed setR1hyb418450billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 season 2DVD boxed setR1hyb522550billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 season 3DVD boxed setR1hyb524600billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 season 4DVD boxed setR1hyb524600billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 season 5DVD boxed setR1hyb524600billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 season 6DVD boxed setR1hyb524600billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 season 7DVD boxed setR1hyb525625billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 movies 1&2DVD boxed setR2 UKhyb22134billy2.1
Ranma 1/2 OVADVD boxed setR1hyb212375billy2.1
Read or Die OVADVDR2 UKhyb1390dvdstor1.5
Read or Die the TVDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb726650dvdstor1.5
Record of Lodoss War OVADVD boxed setR1hyb213355dvdstor1.1
Record of Lodoss War TVDVD boxed setR1hyb427620dvdstor1.1
Requiem from the DarknessDVDR2 UKhyb413325billy4.3dvd 1-4 (all)
Rescue me - Mave-chanDVDR1hyb1125billy1.5
Ride Your WaveDVDR1hyb1196bigbox2
Riding BeanDVDR1hyb1146billy2.1
Risky SafetyDVDR1hyb324240billy1.2DVD 1-3 (all)
Robot CarnivalDVDR1hyb1991billy4.4
RobotechDVD boxed setsR1Eng ’dub’14+785+bonus2125+bonusdvdstor1.4set 1-7 (all)
Robotech - The Shadow ChroniclesDVDR1Eng1188dvdstor1.4
Robotech - 2 movie collection - The Shadow Chronicles, Love Live AliveDVD setR1Eng21+188+55dvdstor1.4
Robotics;NotesDVD setsR2 UKhyb422550billy4.2
Romeo x JulietDVD setsR1hyb424600billy1.5set 1-2 (all)
Rumiko Takahashi AnthologyDVD boxed setR1hyb413325billy1.7
Rune Soldier (Louie)DVD boxed setR1hyb624600dvdstor1.1Lodoss-verse
Rurouni Kenshin TV Premium BoxDVD boxed setsR1hyb22952375billy1.1set 1-3 (all)
Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X - Complete CollectionDVD setR2 UKhyb41+4+2330billy1.1movie, Trust & Betrayal, Reflection
Rurouni Kenshin - New Kyoto arcDVDR1hyb1290billy1.1
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs complete seriesDVD setR1Eng ’dub’6521200billy2.7dub of Sei Juushi Bismarck
Sadamitsu The DestroyerDVD setR1hyb310250billy1.7
Saga of Tanya the EvilDVD setR1hyb212300billy1.2
Saikano /She, The Ultimate WeaponDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb3+113+2325+60billy1.8TV series + OVA
Sakamichi no Apollon/Kids on the SlopeDVD setR2 UKhyb212300bigbox2
Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars OVA1DVDR1hyb14120dvdstor1.6
Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars OVA2DVDR1hyb26180dvdstor1.6DVD 1-2 (all)
Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars - Ecole de ParisDVDR1hyb13125dvdstor1.6
Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars - SumireDVDR1hyb1124dvdstor1.6
Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars the movieDVDR1hyb1185dvdstor1.6
Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars TVDVD boxed setR1hyb525625dvdstor1.6
Samurai 7DVD setR1hyb726650billy4.1
Samurai Champloo - The Complete CollectionDVD boxed setR1hyb726650billy4.4
Samurai Pizza CatsDVD setR1Eng dub8521300billy4.3
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei season 1Blu-Ray setR1Jap+Eng sub212300bigbox2includes 329 page liner notes book
School-Live!DVD setR1hyb312300billy4.4
Scrapped PrincessDVD boxed setR1hyb625550billy4.1
s-CRY-edDVDR2 NLhyb626650billy1.2DVD 1-6 (all)
Seirei no Moribito/Moribito - Guardian of the SpiritDVD setR1hyb826650billy4.1
Serial Experiments LainDVD boxed setR1hyb413325dvdstor1.6
Shakugan no ShanaDVD boxed setR1hyb424+1625billy2.4
Shakugan no Shana season 2DVD/Blu-Ray setsR1hyb424600billy2.4set 1(LE)-2 (all), includes art leaflet
Shakugan no Shana movieDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb1185billy2.4
Shakugan no Shana SDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb14110billy2.4
Shakugan no Shana season 3DVD/Blu-Ray setsR1hyb424600billy2.4set 1-2 (all)
Sherlock HoundDVD setR1hyb626650billy4.4
Shigofumi - Letters from the DepartedDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub213325billy4.2
Shika no Ou - Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi/The Deer KingDVDR2 UKhyb11114bigbox2
ShikiDVD setsR2 UKhyb422+2550+50bigbox1set 1-2 (all)
Shingu - Secret of the Stellar WarsDVD boxed setR1hyb526650billy2.4
Shinsekai Yori/From the New WorldDVD setsR2 UKhyb425625billy4.4set 1-2 (all)
ShirobakoDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub424600billy1.8set 1-2 (all)
Shonen OnmyoujiDVD setR1hyb626650billy2.6
Short PeaceDVDR1hyb1468billy4.4anthology
Silent Mobius movie 1DVDR1hyb1157billy2.4
Silent Mobius movie 2DVDR1hyb1159billy2.4limited edition - includes OST
Silent Mobius TVDVD boxed setR1hyb126650billy2.4
Sin - The Motion PictureDVDR1hyb1160billy1.5
Skip BeatDVD setR2 UKhyb425625bigbox1
SlayersDVD boxed setR1hyb426600billy1.8
Slayers NextDVD boxed setR1hyb426600billy1.8
Slayers TryDVD boxed setR1hyb426600billy1.8
Slayers movie collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb55285billy1.8Slayers The Motion Picture, Slayers Return, Slayers Great, Slayers Gorgeous, Slayers Premium
Slayers OVA collectionDVD setR1hyb26150billy1.8the 2 3-part OVAs
Slayers RevolutionDVD setR1hyb213325billy1.8
Slayers Evolution-RDVD setR1hyb213325billy1.8includes Lina Inverse coin
Sol Bianca parts 1 and 2DVDR_all UKJap+Eng sub12100billy1.7hardsubs on black background!
Sol Bianca - The LegacyDVD boxed setR1hyb36176billy1.7
Soukou no StrainDVD setR1hyb213325billy1.2
Soul EaterDVD setsR1hyb8511275billy2.6set 1-4 (all)
Soul Eater Not!DVD setR1hyb212300billy2.6
Southern CrossDVD boxed setR1Jap+Eng sub523575dvdstor1.3
Space Battleship Yamato 2199DVD setsR1hyb426650bigbox1set 1-2 (all)
Space Battleship Yamato 2202DVD setsR1hyb426650bigbox1set 1-2 (all)
Space Dandy season 1-2DVD setR2 UKhyb626650billy4.5
Space Pirate Mito complete anthologyDVD boxed setR1hyb3+313+13325+325billy2.6season 1 and season 2: Aoi & Mutsuki - A Pair of Queens
Space Warrior Baldios the MovieDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub & Eng dub21+1117+99bigbox2sub and cut dub
Spice and Wolf the complete seriesDVD/Blu-ray setR1hyb413+1+12325+25+300billy4.2season 1 + OVA + season 2
SpiralDVD boxed setR1hyb625625dvdstor1.3
Spirit of Wonder - Scientific Boys ClubDVD setR2 UKhyb22+3135billy1.5
Spriggan - special editionDVDR1hyb1190billy2.6includes OST
Spy x Family season 1DVD setsR2 UKhyb425625bigbox2set 1-2 (all)
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko OVADVDR1hyb16180dvdstor1.3
Starship OperatorsDVD setR2 UKhyb313325billy2.4
Steins;GateDVD/Blu-Ray setsR1hyb425625billy4.2set 1(LE)-2 (all)
Steins;Gate the movie - Load Region of Deja VuDVDR1hyb1190billy4.2
Steins;Gate 0DVD setsR1hyb424+1625billy4.2set 1-2 (all)
Stellvia tin packDVD boxed setR1hyb826650billy1.5
Stratos4DVDR2 NLhyb313395dvdstor1.6DVD 1-3 (all)
Stratos4 - Return to BaseDVDR1hyb12+165dvdstor1.3
Summer Days with CooDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11138bigbox2
Summer Ghost Collector’s EditionDVDR2 UKhyb1145bigbox2
Summer WarsDVD setR1hyb1+11115billy2.6
Super Robot Wars Original GenerationDVDR1Jap+Eng sub1390billy4.4
Super Robot Wars Original Generation - Devine WarsDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub525+1655billy4.4
Suzume (no Tojimari)DVDR2 UKhyb11122bigbox2
Sword of the StrangerDVDR1hyb11102billy4.1
Tales of PhantasiaDVDR1hyb14120billy2.4
Tales of Vesperia - The First StrikeDVD/Blu-RayR1hyb11110billy4.1
Tekkaman BladeDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub9491225billy1.7
Tekkaman Blade IIDVDR1hyb16180billy1.7
Tekkon KinkreetDVDR2 UKhyb11106billy2.1
Tenchi Muyo! OVA series 1+2DVDR1hyb413400dvdstor2.1DVD 1-4 (all)
Tenchi Muyo! OVA series 3DVD setR1hyb37295dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! OVA - Mihoshi/Pretty Sammy specialDVDR1hyb11+3165dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi UniverseDVD boxed setR1hyb826650dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi in TokyoDVD boxed setR1hyb826650dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! GXPDVD boxed setR1hyb826650dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! movie 1 - Tenchi Muyo in LoveDVDR1hyb1195dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! movie 2 - The Daughter of DarknessDVDR1hyb1160dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! movie 3 - Tenchi Forever!DVDR1hyb1195dvdstor2.1
Tenchi Muyo! - War on Geminar/Isekai no Seikishi MonogatariDVD/Blu-Ray setsR1hyb513593dvdstor2.1set 1-2 (all)
Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub627675dvdstor1.6set 1-3 (all)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Childhood’s EndDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11112dvdstor1.6
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - The Lights in the Sky Are StarsDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11126dvdstor1.6
TexhnolyzeDVDR2 UKhyb622550billy4.2DVD 1-6 (all)
The Ambition of Oda NobunaDVD setR1hyb312300bigbox1
The AnimatrixDVDR2 UKEng1989billy2.1
The Anthem of the HeartDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub11119billy4.4
The Boy and the BeastDVDR1hyb11119billy4.5
The Case of Hana and AliceDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub11100bigbox2
The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K/Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan season 1DVD setR4 AUhyb424600billy1.6
The Familiar of Zero season 1DVD setR1hyb313325billy4.5
The Familiar of Zero season 2DVD setR1hyb212300billy4.5
The Familiar of Zero season 3DVD setR1hyb312+1325billy4.5
The Familiar of Zero season 4DVD setR1hyb212300billy4.5
The Garden of WordsDVDR1hyb1+1146billy2.6
The Girl Who Leapt Through SpaceDVDR1Jap+Eng sub426650bigbox2
The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeDVDR2 UKhyb11101billy2.1
The Legend of the Legendary HeroesDVD/Blu-Ray setR1hyb425625billy4.3
The Little Norse PrinceDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1181dvdstor1.4pre-Ghibli
The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaDVD boxed setR1hyb414350billy2.7
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya second seasonDVD setR1hyb414350billy2.7
The Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaDVDR1hyb1+11164billy2.7
The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chanDVD setR1hyb316+1400+25billy2.7
The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan SuzumiyaDVDR1hyb225+13136billy2.7DVD 1-2 (all), includes Nyoron! Churuya-san
The Pet Girl of SakurasouDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub624600bigbox1
The Princess and the PilotDVDR2 UKhyb1195billy4.3
The Relative WorldsDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1193bigbox2collector’s limited edition including booklet
The Rose of VersaillesDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub8401000billy4.3set 1-2 (all), includes 2x pencilboard
The Shinkai CollectionDVD setR2 UKhyb22120billy2.1Voices of a Distant Star + The Place Promised in Our Early Days
The Sky CrawlersDVDR1hyb11121billy2.6
The Tatami GalaxyDVD setR2 UKJap+Eng sub311+3275+25bigbox1
The ThirdDVD boxed setR1hyb624600billy4.2
The Wings of HonneamiseDVDR4 AUhyb11120billy2.4
The World God Only Knows ultimate collectionDVD setR1hyb1012+12+4+12300+300+100+300bigbox1
They Were ElevenDVDR1hyb1191billy2.1
Those Who Hunt Elves complete collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb412+12600billy4.2seasons 1 and 2
Tokyo GodfathersDVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1188billy2.1
Tokyo UndergroundDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb626650billy1.5
Tonari no Seki-kunDVD setR1hyb221168bigbox1
ToraDoraDVD setsR1Jap+Eng sub425625billy4.2
Toward the Terra movieDVDR1Jap+Eng sub11112dvdstor1.5
Toward the Terra TVDVD setR1hyb624600dvdstor1.5
TrigunDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb826650billy1.7
Trigun - Badlands RumbleDVDR1hyb11137billy1.7
Trinity BloodDVDR2 UKhyb624600billy2.6
Trinity BloodDVD setR1hyb424600billy2.6
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle season 1DVD setR1hyb426650billy1.5
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle season 2DVD setR1hyb426650billy1.5
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle OVA collectionDVDR1hyb13+285+60billy1.5Tokyo Revelations + Spring Thunder/Shunraiki
TsukihimeDVD boxed setR2 UKhyb312300billy1.1
Twilight of the CockroachesDVDR1hyb11105billy1.2
TytaniaDVDR1Jap+Eng sub426650billy1.7DVD 1-2 (all)
Ulysses 31DVD boxed setR2 UKEng dub326650billy2.7
Urusei Yatsura complete OVA collectionDVD boxed setR2 UKJap+Eng sub311345billy2.4
Urusei Yatsura movie 1DVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub11101billy2.4
Urusei Yatsura movie 2DVDR1hyb11100billy2.4
Urusei Yatsura movie 3DVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1193billy2.4
Urusei Yatsura movie 4DVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1194billy2.4
Urusei Yatsura movie 5DVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1185billy2.4
Urusei Yatsura movie 6DVDR2 UKJap+Eng sub1178billy2.4
Ushio to ToraDVD setR1hyb210275billy4.1
Ushio to Tora TVDVD setR1hyb839975billy2.5
Uta KataDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub213+2325+25dvdstor2.1
UtawarerumonoDVD setR1hyb426650billy4.1
Utawarerumono OVADVDR1hyb13+285+30billy4.1
Utawarerumono - The False FacesDVD setR1hyb525625billy4.1
Vampire Hunter DDVDR1hyb1180bigbox2
Vampire Hunter D BloodlustDVDR1Eng11106bigbox2apparently the Japanese company didn want the Japanese audio released in the west :(
Vampire Princess Miyu OVADVDR1hyb24105dvdstor1.3DVD 1-2 (all)
Vampire Princess Miyu TVDVDR2 UKhyb626650dvdstor1.3DVD 1-6 (all)
Vandread complete collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb4+413+13650billy1.7series 1 and 2
Violet EvergardenDVD setR4 AUShyb213+1325+35bigbox1
Violet Evergarden movieDVDR1hyb1191bigbox1
WatamoteDVD setR2 UKhyb212300bigbox1
Weathering With YouDVDR2 UKhyb11113bigbox2
Welcome to the NHKDVD setsR1hyb424600billy1.5set 1-2 (all)
Welcome to the Space ShowDVDR2 UKhyb11136bigbox2
Witch Hunter RobinDVDR2 NLhyb626650billy1.6DVD 1-6 (all)
Wolf ChildrenDVDR1hyb11117billy4.4
Wolf’s RainDVD boxed setR2 NLJap+NL sub730750billy4.4
Xamd - Lost MemoriesDVD setR1hyb426650billy4.2
xxxHolicDVD boxed setR1hyb424600billy1.5
xxxHolic/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle movie double featureDVDR1hyb21+1100billy1.5
Yona of the Dawn/Akatsuki no YonaDVD setsR2 UKhyb424600bigbox2set 1-2 (all)
Your NameDVDR2 UKhyb11102billy4.4
Ys LegacyDVD setR1hyb37+4195+120billy4.1Ys + YS II
Yugo The NegotiatorDVD setR2 UKhyb413325billy1.8
YukikazeDVD boxed setR1hyb35183billy1.8
Yu Yu HakushoDVD boxed setsR1hyb161122800billy2.2
Yu Yu Hakusho movie/Ninku movie double featureDVDR1hyb11+160billy2.2
Yu Yu Hakusho the movie - Poltergeist ReportDVDR1hyb1190billy2.2
ZillionDVD setR1Jap+Eng sub531+1775+50billy1.6
Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (season 2)Blu-Ray setR1Jap+Eng sub313+3325+75bigbox2liner notes pdf at https://www.rightstufanime.com/post/zetsubou-s2-liner-notes
Zone of the Enders collectionDVD boxed setR1hyb5+126+1700dvdstor2.1Dolores, i + Idolo
Genesis Surviver Gaiarth 1VHSPALJap+Eng sub1151billy1.2
Genesis Surviver Gaiarth 1-3VHSPALEng dub13142billy1.2
Knights of RamuneVHSNTSCJap+Eng sub1260billy2.7ep. 5-6 of 6 VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fresh
Lupin III: The Gold of BabylonVHSPALJap+Eng sub11100display2.4
Macross: Do you Remember Love?VHSPALJap+Eng sub11110dvdstor1.3
MacrossVHSPALGer dub+NL sub1260dvdstor1.3ex-rental ep. 01-02
Robotech Perfect CollectionVHSNTSCJap+Eng sub & Eng ’dub’112x222x550display2.4Macross 1-8, Southern Cross 1-3
Robotech: the movieVHSPALEng ’dub’+NL sub1185dvdstor1.3ex-rental
Super Deformed Double FeatureVHSPALJap+Eng sub1267billy2.7Scramble Wars + 10 Little Gall Force
non-anime: Babylon 5 - The Ultimate CollectionDVD boxed setR2 UKEng+sub6+6+ 6+6+ 6+5+ 1+1+1+ 1+1+1+122+22+ 22+22+ 22+13+ 1+1+1+ 1+1+1+1924+924+ 924+924+ 924+551+ 90+90+90+ 91+91+86+69billy2.7season 1-5, Crusade, Thirdspace, The River of Souls, A Call to Arms, The Gathering, In the Beginning, The Legend of the Rangers, The Lost Tales
non-anime: Farscape - Peacekeeper WarDVD setR2 NLEng+NL sub22180billy2.7
non-anime: Dungeons and DragonsDVD boxed setR2 UKEng427573billy2.7cartoon
non-anime: Jayce and the Wheeled WarriorsDVD setsR1Eng6651625billy2.7cartoon - Mill Creek set 1-2 (all)
non-anime: Star Fleet/X-BomberDVD boxed setR2 UKEng424610billy2.7Japanese sci-fi marionette series
Number of anime-related DVDs: 2507
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