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Provisional Ani-jin planning for the next few weeks
Disclaimer: Unless notified by others, I have no idea when holidays (other than xmas/newyear and summer) and TU/e / Fontys exam weeks are, so I haven't accounted for those in the planning...
If too few people (less then 4?) are present, a movie or OVA will be watched instead and watching the series episodes is moved to the next week.
2023-??-?? (bi-)weekly Ani-jin evenings organized by Jorge (see Kinjin agenda and discord)

2023-09-19 Tengoku Daimakyou 01-06+ ?
2023-10-03 ?? 01-06+
2023-10-10 ?? 01-06+

2023-10-1? First Episodes Night (fall): ?

Last modified: 2023-09-18