These are the webpages of JCES Kinjin's anime dispuut Ani-jin.
(sorry for the formatting, I'm maintaining this as text files converted to html through some shell scripts... )

Note: the following is pre-covid info; things will be re-organized for 2022-2023 schoolyear (see Kinjin discord).

At Ani-jin we usually watch 2 anime series in parallel (2x 3 episodes per evening, sometimes 4+2) and we try to pick series from different genres to make sure there's something interesting in there for everyone.
Normally we pick series in the 10-30 episode range that have already been completely subtitled, so we don't run the risk of getting "stuck/stalled" on any of the series because of lack of translation or length.
The series will have Japanese audio and English subtitles.
dates/time/location: every tuesday approx. 19:15-21:45h at the Kinjin room/Luna -1.219 (using the Kinjin beamer) .
(other/bigger rooms as long as Covid-19 social distancing rules are in place.)

Influence what series we'll be watching by suggesting series for the 1 or 2 "vote" evenings per year and voting at those.
Make sure enough series are suggested, so I don't have to let RNGesus pick some AniDB/ANN IDs to fill out the vote list... ;-P
(Suggestions can be sent through the Kinjin discord, the Ani-jin mailinglist (see below), to anijin @ [this site] or mention them at the evenings. )

Ani-jin log: log(book) of what has been watched in the past at Ani-jin.
Ani-jin planning for the next few weeks and list of possible other series to watch after that.

first episodes night: upcoming one (2024-04-17) and past ones.
(watching the first episode of a bunch of series of the new Japanese anime season/quarter.)

Last modified: 2024-03-29